1 Day Tele-Video Conference Workshop

Intercompany communication skills have never been more important but in addition there may be critical reasons to improve on camera presentation; equity raising, potential acquisitions, mergers or employment reviews.

In many cases employees simply don’t know video conference facilities exist, why they should use them or how to effectively communicate using this video medium. Many staff members also find the initial experience of ‘being on camera’ a little scary.

Our One day training program can help your staff over come these ‘hurdles’ and ensure that equipment is fully utilised to greater effect.

Our training focuses on the following:

  • Learning why and when to use videoconferencing
  • Etiquette - making a video meeting as much like a normal meeting as possible
  • Getting used to the idea of being on camera
  • How you’re perceived on camera
  • Concentrating on a video conference & effective presentation methods

Users need to spend time learning how to use the system but without formal training very few will represent your organization in the way your would prefer. With these objectives we have found that on-site training sessions with small groups work the best. Training at our studios is also available although equipment specifications vary.

  • Understand camera communication
  • Appearance, Timing & Delivery
  • Mental Approach
  • On Camera exercises recorded to HDV
  • Green Screen & Autocue
  • Conference Etiquette
  • Presentation Methods
  • Pieces to Camera
  • Co-Communication practise
  • Questions & Answers

For further details please call: 1300 781 739