Show Reel Production

Show reels are the most important tool for a TV Presenter, if you don’t have a good show reel you won’t get seen and if you don’t get seen you won’t get work! So it’s absolutely essential that you choose a company who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to producing show reels.

What to look for in a good show reel:

  • 3 to 4 minutes long. Directors and Agents are busy people they simply don’t have time to watch 20 minutes of ‘waffle’ in the hope of seeing a glimpse of some strong work.
  • Variety of the best short clips showing the presenter communicating with the camera and other people naturally, confidently and with a personality that makes it interesting to watch.
  • No long intros, title sequences or graphics stings. They just want to see if you can present and how you come across on camera. The inclusion of these can give your reel a professional feel but it’s a delicate balance of how much is too much. Make sure you get it right!
  • Quality filming with professional HD camera equipment and professional editing. The last thing you want to do is look like an amateur or a ‘wanna be’.

Don’t leave it to chance, insist on seeing examples before you spend your money, if you’re not impressed then it’s unlikely that anyone else will be!

We aim to provide you with a unique show reel that shows your personality, professionalism and will give you the best chance of getting that presenting job. All show reels are filmed using the latest HD digital cameras and edited to the highest professional standard.

Ready to book your Show reel production day?

Show reel Production is available from $700 (inc GST). To discuss or book your show reel email